With over 130 speakers and 1500 participants from up to 80 countries, the GLOBSEC 2022 Bratislava Forum established itself as the most important strategic conference on the frontlines of the newly divided world. Presidents, prime ministers, government officials, diplomats, think-tankers, and journalists gathered in Bratislava from 2–4 June 2022 to reflect on the war in Ukraine and review its deep consequences for global peace and the international economy.

While specific recommendations differed in detail, the conference delivered a unified message of support for continued Western military and economic assistance to Ukraine, and for the country’s aspirations to become a full-fledged member of the EU. Similarly, business and policymakers expressed their strong condemnation of the Kremlin-led invasion and hope for the war and suffering of civilians to end as soon as possible.

This was the underlying message of almost all panels. The war and its implications were discussed from security, economic, societal, and many more perspectives. However, although dominating the agenda, Ukraine was not the only topic of the Forum. Tech competition and innovation, health, feminist foreign policy, and other issues were too featured. In case you missed any of the panels, have a look at this year’s summary with key takeaways.