Born on February 15th, 1962, in Niksic. He is married to Lidija and they have a son Blazo. By nationality Montenegrin. He studied elementary school in Nikšić and Podgorica, where he finished High School of Economics.He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Podgorica – the University of Montenegro.

He was elected Prime Minister for the first time on February 15th 1991, on his 29th birthday. He was the youngest Prime Minister in Europe. He performed the duty of Prime Minister for seven terms (February 1991-March 1993; March 1993-November 1996; November 1996-February 1998; January 2003-November 2006; February 2008-June 2009; June 2009-December 2010; December 2012 – November 2016).

In 1998 he became the President of the Republic, having won in direct elections for the President of the Republic on October 19th 1997. He remained in office until November 25th 2002. He was the leader of the Bloc for Independent Montenegro. Under his leadership the citizens of Montenegro, in a referendum held on May 21st 2006 made a historic decision on the renewal of Montenegrin independence.

He was a Member of the Parliament of Montenegro for several terms.

He was elected President of the Democratic Party of Socialists in 1998.

After referendum, he has withdrawn from state functions on his own initiative for three times – from 2006 to 2008 and from 2010 to 2012. Also, after parliamentary elections held in October 2016, until his re-election as President of Montenegro on April 15th 2018.

He became President of Montenegro on May 20th 2018.