We, the participants of the annual GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, express our unwavering solidarity and support to the brave Ukrainian people, who are defending not only their own, but our common European freedom, values, and future.

In this regard, we make the following commitments to advocate at the political and civil society levels the key priorities:

  1. Humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian victims of war; more than 11 million citizens who were forced to flee their homes, millions have lost their livelihoods, are in need of water, food, medicine, and shelter. EU states and civil societies are doing all they can to help the millions of Ukrainians who have been forced to flee the war and resettle in the EU. Yet, much remains to be done to help the millions of internally displaced persons within Ukraine. We call on all democratic states to continue and increase their efforts in providing humanitarian aid and help Ukrainians fleeing their country as well as those internally displaced. What is also needed is the facilitation of Ukrainian exports, such as grain, in order to mitigate the global food crisis and provide income to Ukraine.
  2. Scaling up of stronger sanctions on Russia to force the Kremlin to halt their aggression immediately. Putin’s regime must be deprived of financial resources that enable it to wage its bloody military campaign and commit massacres. A comprehensive embargo on Russian energy resources is necessary. In this regard, the initiative needs strict oversight over the observance of the sanctions and prevention of attempts to circumvent them including through the third parties.
  3. Immediate delivery of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine needed to defend itself from Russian aggression. They must be provided quickly; it must be the weapons capable to fend off the attack, including artillery, vehicles, air and missile defense systems, and combat aircraft.
  4. Advocating in European institutions to provide a clear path to candidacy status for Ukraine with appropriate assistance in implementation of all the needed reforms and transformations. European integration must become an organic part of the ambitious plan and budget for post-war reconstruction of Ukraine with the help of international donors.
  5. Last, punishing the war crimes perpetrated in Ukraine. There is no justification for murder, rape and plunder perpetrated on civilian population. We will always remember Bucha massacre and other places where these crimes were committed and make sure justice is eventually done.

We will work tirelessly with our partners in Ukraine and around the world to achieve these goals, bring peace to Europe, and ensure that it is never broken again. This is a pivotal role for all of us – decision-makers, entrepreneurs, civil society representatives, participants of the GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, and members of the international community.

Glory to Ukraine and its Heroic People!

Latest Signatures
27 Daniel Hinšt Vice President Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis (CEA) Jun 17, 2022
26 Christian Palme Ret. journalist N/a Jun 10, 2022
25 Naďa Jesenská Junior Project Manager GLOBSEC Jun 08, 2022
24 Anxhela Bruci Founder EmpowerFULL Jun 04, 2022
23 Daniel Micuda Journalist NUlife.sk Jun 04, 2022
22 Cyril Choma Journalist Trend Jun 03, 2022
21 Anastasia Pociumban Research Fellow German Council on Foreign Relations Jun 03, 2022
20 Jake Leffew Senior Analyst Schmidt Futures Jun 03, 2022
19 Daniel Bartha Director of International Relations Equilibrium Institute Jun 03, 2022
18 Pavel Havlicek Research Fellow Association for International Affairs (AMO) in Prague Jun 03, 2022
17 Tara Lindstedt Chair IPM Group Jun 03, 2022
16 Marian Bocek Chairman InoBat Jun 03, 2022
15 Petr Pudil co-founder bpd partners Jun 03, 2022
14 Clément Stratmann Undergraduate Student (B.A. Political Science & History University of Basel, Switzerland Jun 03, 2022
13 Michèle de Waard Foreign Affairs journalist Het Financieele Dagblad Jun 03, 2022
12 Oleksandra Hordon Jun 03, 2022
11 Olivia Blanchard Research fellow GLOBSEC Jun 03, 2022
10 Kevin Karabin Director of Strategic Forums GLOBSEC Jun 03, 2022
9 Dominika Hajdu Policy Director, Centre for Democracy & Resilience GLOBSEC Jun 02, 2022
8 Ivan Krastev Board Member Globsec Jun 02, 2022
7 Michał Krupiński Board Member Globsec Jun 02, 2022
6 Vazil Hudak Board Member Globsec Jun 02, 2022
5 Anita Orban Board Member Globsec Jun 02, 2022
4 Gordon Bainai Board Member Glbosec Jun 02, 2022
3 Petr Pudil Member of the Board Globsec Jun 02, 2022
2 Willi Molterer chairman Globsec Jun 02, 2022
1 Olivia Strapekova Jun 02, 2022

The Globsec Memorandum in Support of Ukraine